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Featured Artist: Eric Whitfield



While on Facebook, we discovered a post that featured some exciting, vibrant, Impressionist Art reminiscent of van Gogh, Cezanne, Gauguin – emodying the Cigar Culture.


We were mightily impressed, contacted the artist and offered to showcase his work on Great Cigar Events. We did and there was great interest.


“Cigartist” – Eric Whifield happened to be the genius behind the colorful, aromatic creations.


We then contacted Eric again and asked if he would be interested in painting a special painting of Rocky Patel, for our August 8, 2015 event in Marina del Rey (the Rocky Patel Luxury Sunset Yacht Cruise) and, Eric was excited at the opportunity and agreed to do so.


We will unveil his work at the event, present it to Rocky, who will in turn offer it up for Auction to benefit his Rocky Patel Foundation Charity (which benefits the street kids of Honduras).


We’re proud to announce that the “CRUISE” keeps getting better! New York “CIGARtist” Eric Whitfield, will be present at our August 8, 2015 event and with him, he’ll have an ultra-limited number of PRINTS of the original painting, numbered from 1-20, which you can purchase and have Rocky sign.


A true collectors item.


Additionally, Eric will bring other creations and offer them up for sale; including, but not limited to: custom painted herfadors (travel humidors)


Read ERIC’s BIO below and appreciate Cigar Culture through the eyes of ERIC WHITFIELD…


cigar art artist - eric whitfield

A Bit About Me…I’m a cigar lover. I’m an artist. I am…the CIGARtist. I have creating art of some sort as far back as I can remember. I have participated in shows – both juried and non-juried. At some point, several years ago, I began a love affair with the cigar experience. Inevitably, my passions collided and I began celebrating my love for cigars in my art work. My CIGARt has been featured in Cigar Press Magazine and is in the private collections of industry noteables including Fred Rewey of Nomad Cigars, Sam Leccia of Leccia Tobacco, Jon Huber of Crowned Heads, Gary Griffith of House of Emilio and Delicia, Cigar Vixen. Additionally my art has made an appearance in the film “AFTER” (good flick..check it out. Just don’t blink or you might miss my stuff!)

All works displayed are available for purchase. I offer original acrylic on canvas paintings as well as signed digital prints on high quality acid-free paper.

My art makes a unique addition to any space and is sure to attract attention. Perfect for the walls of the enthusiast at home, in the office, at shops and lounges or you man/woman cave! So, kick back, light up a good smoke and browse the gallery. Tell your friends. BUY your piece and proudly display your art from THE premiere cigar artist…the CIGARtist!

Instagram: @cigartist

Twitter: @ericwhitfield


Eric’s Website



All works showcased here are featured on ERIC WHITFIELD’S website and are FOR SALE.


From the Artist: To keep things consistent and convenient, unless commissioned to do otherwise, all originals are currently 16″x 20″ acrylic on canvas and are priced at $350.

Signed prints come in two sizes: 16×20 for $45 and 20×24 for $55.


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