IPCPR Emergency Notice

The IPCPR trade show will open today at 1:00 PM due to an electrical fire that occurred early this morning. Staff and crew are working hard to get everything ready and to ensure everyone’s safety.

The following companies have been effected, and as of right now only key personnel from the following companies are allowed on the show floor at this time:

AJ Fernandez

Al Capone


Bags of Bags

Drew Estate

Costello Pipe


Nat Sherman

Rocky Patel

La Palina

Cigar Oasis

Tommy Bahama

Rabbit Air


Security staff will be on site to escort representatives of these companies into the show floor at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are attending any state association meetings, those will continue at their regularly scheduled hours. Shuttle buses will continue to run during these hours.

We apologize for the interruption to your show schedule and appreciate your patience and understanding as we deal with these issues.

Thank you –










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