Meeting Katya “Art Diva” Belinsky at the Intersection of Cigars, Art and Sensuality

Katya “Art Diva” Belinsky: Cigars and Sensuality in the Abstract



Virtually Friends

Facebook is a platform or place to like and to share – literally. The social media giant has infiltrated the homes and pocket devices of hundreds of millions around the world and it is the Internet’s premier place for personal self-expression, creativity, politics and personality. It is a place where virtual friendships are made and relationships forged.

Several years back, while was promoting the Annual Rocky Patel Cigar Yacht Cruise, Katya Belinsky’s abstract art, in the spirit of Dali, Picasso & Cubism, caught my attention and we became virtual “friends” on Facebook and subsequently, true friends of mutual respect because of Facebook. After finally speaking by phone after several years, I was both amazed and impressed by Katya’s life and personal story, especially her art & cigar backgrounds, so much that I felt it necessary to share it with our subscribers and social platforms – Facebook, of course!




Freedom and Cigars


Born in Russia, but raised significantly in Germany and France, Katya Belinsky was the daughter of a cigar smoking diplomat. It is because of her father that Katya began to become aware of the pleasures of cigars during the Perestroika years in Russia; the period of time we in America equate with the Reagan years – a renaissance period of sorts that brought forth a taste of peace and freedom in an oppressive communist political climate.


Projecting the Soul and Inner Sexiness


Creative since birth, Katya’s art talents were cultivated and perfected at the Art Institute in London, where she further studied her craft and developed her own personal style influenced by Art standard bearers likes like: Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.

Cubism has been a great influence on Katya and is well recognized in most all of her recent works.


Wine, Rainbows and Cigars


The trademarks of Katya’s art are cigars, wine, colors of the rainbow, self-portraits or otherwise, the self-expression of a free-minded, sexy female cigar smoker who is able to ignite the lust and desire in a man.

Katya’s art is colorful, vibrant, alive and sexy; projecting her soul and inner thoughts.



Harvard, Hotels, and Google


One of Katya’s first creative endeavors as a professional artist was painting original art for hotels.

Business-minded as well, Katya, after art school, attended and graduated with an MBA from Harvard College, where she was a very close friend of fellow countryman, Sergei Bryn, who co-founded Google. They remain close friends until this day.

Throughout her evolution as an artist, Katya further developed her palate for Cigars and loves to pair them with wine; especially wine from South Africa, which she says has a distinctive taste on account of it’s unique clay like soil and that which pairs exceptionally well with oily tobacco.



At one point in time, Katya was a part owner of a cigar company that featured her artwork on the cigar bands.



Katya’s artwork is admired the world over and she has developed a loyal and exclusive following. One doctor purchased 30 of her unique paintings and has decorated his entire medical building with them. Katya’s “graffiti” art is featured in Google’s lunchroom at Google Headquarters, where she was asked to showcase her stylings.


From France to South Africa: Bringing Sexy to Lake Havasu

Once married to an airline pilot while she, herself, was a stewardess, Katya once lived in Nice, France and also –  South Africa. Enamored with the beauty and charm of these exotic locales; Katya now lives in an ultra-unique, custom built house in Lake Havasu, Arizona, that is a veritable art gallery and one that boasts a 360 degree view of the lake and city; the only one of its kind.

Lake Havasu you might ask?

Why not! Katya says that she fell in love with the area and quaint little town because it reminded her of those exotic locales.

It’s not only the content of Katya’s art that is unique, it’s also the “canvas” that she uses, which is not canvas at all but rather a unique industrial material that preserves and marries the oil, acrylic and watercolors perfectly well and is sturdy, durable, yet pliable – perfect for shipping.

The Intersection of Cigars, Art and Sexuality

Katya’s art is often a self portrait or near physical imagery of herself, but always expresses female empowerment and erotica, accented by wine cocktails and of course, her love for Cigars.

Interested in buying Katya’s art?

Katya can customize her art for cigar lounges and other venues both residential and commercial. Prints of her originals are available.

If you see one of her creations here on this page and love it, be sure to mention THE CIGAR NETWORK and the specific piece of art. The classy and thoughtful person that she is, Katya would like to make a contribution to our Grace for the Cure, a special fund and web page created for Gracie Sevilla (this writer’s young daughter who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes) and Gracie’s Type 1 Diabetes fundraisers and events.

We’re blessed to have met Katya “Art Diva” Belinsky on Facebook and to be enriched by her story, creative mind and soul – meeting her at the virtual intersection of Cigars, Art and Sensuality.



Katya “Art Diva” Belinsky

(512) 822-8400


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