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About Mi Havana


The Naranjo and Caminero families have passed down the knowledge of cigar making and its prestigious rolling techniques. As a Cuban Culture driven cigar factory, we have the love and passion required to keep the 3 generations of cigar rolling amongst our families…going.


Mi Havana is So- Cal’s most trusted Cigar Events company for major corporations, non-profit organizations, luxury event planners, and wedding coordinators. We bring the art of cigar rolling and a unique bonding experience for your guests to enjoy!


8 Steps to your Custom Cigar


Want to know the steps it takes to make a custom cigar with Mi Havana Cigars? Here is Mi Havana’s 8 steps to making you, your own personal cigar.



Maritza Reyner  (626) 780-3841


Raul Reyner       (626) 731-1734


Email: cubancigarrollers@gmail.com


106 S. Locust St,

Pomona, CA, 91766


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